Zero Gender Gap

Inclusion and people are a key part of our business model. Our goal is to attract, engage and retain the best talent globally, bringing the best thinking to the business from inside and outside of our sector. Our key principle is always to promote, develop and recruit the best person for the job.

This is everyone’s game – we make sure everyone at Meridianbet is valued, respected and included because not before we are all respected and heard can we do our best.

Zero Pay Gap

As a predominantly tech company, we want to be the talent hub and employer of choice for all, regardless of who they are.

Women account for more than 50% of Meridianbet top management, which well exceeds the most advanced DE&I metrics.

Women are proportionally represented in all business segments – HR, marketing, retail network, and software development, thus showing no gender equality is possible without the economic empowerment of women.

This UN slogan, referring to “Gender Equality Today for a Sustainable Future Tomorrow” is an every-day practice at Meridianbet.

Meridianbet Women’s Day

Traditionally on the International Women’s Day, our dedicated employees organize visits to expectant mothers and medical staff throughout maternity hospitals worldwide.

Apart from contributing to better working conditions for medical staff in light of pandemics, this has become a part of our corporate policy to raise awareness on the issue of gender equality.

We will also be investing in the creation of internal analysis group to better engage and advocate for gender – related issues at Meridianbet and continue designing better gender policies within our management system.

Ladies in Charge

Our DE&I metrics on female management are well beyond any threshold and standard, as we care for the people, not the stats. At Meridianbet, gender diversity is a reality in every market and every sector.