Local Communities

The world around us has irreversibly changed, and we have all witnessed that. Sacrifice, working together, and being strong as a group have become the difference between success and failure.

There are no injury time goals, revenue growth, or paid advertisements that can compete with that. This game is all about making millions of people happy. Meridianbet is one of the indispensable players in this match, true universals in the match of humanity that has been going on for more than two decades, and which is played with millions of euros of donations, hundreds of institutions that receive help every day, and thousands of individuals whose lives have been radically changed.

$2m Donated to Hospitals Throughout the World During Covid 19 Pandemic

We owe the greatest gratitude to the doctors and nurses for three year long fight.

That is why there should be no break in the solidarity campaign. Meridian, the region’s leader in the responsible organization of games of chance, has been on the ground for months with one goal in mind: to lessen the impact on health systems caused by the worst pandemic in a century.

We have been continuously empowering institutions and individuals on the front lines and “red zone” of the coronavirus fight since the first day of the pandemic. Two million euros in medical and technical equipment donations were delivered to over 80 cities and municipalities, and tireless volunteers reached more than 120 health institutions in each market where we operate.

We also actively promote mass immunization by organizing special benefits for employees and customers who show proof of completed vaccinations, as well as converting our stores into vaccination points. We also participate in global initiatives such as the UNICEF Vaccines Work Program.

Scholarships for New Digital Generation

We award scholarships to the best students the markets we operate in have to offer. Our scholars have demonstrated evidence of their outstanding academic and extracurricular commitments, including those relating to various environmental and other sustainability-themed projects—recycling, removal of waste from public areas, park stewardship, greening, etc. In awarding scholarships, we support civic engagement, not only grades.
As a tech company, we know how big the gap between education and the skill set requested by the market can be.
That is why Meridianbet awards the best students with a kick-start in their career, helping them become experts in their fields – be it sales, marketing, game design, AI, IR, regulatory or HR.

Straight from the faculty exams, our company is the place where the best of them start their business career and acquire globally competitive knowledge and skills.

Bringing Sports and Local Communities Together for a Social Impact

Our operations are truly global – both in terms of market exposure and social impact. Throughout 20 countries, we support community organizations having an impact on the ground.

In addition to being one of the largest brands in the entertainment industry, the company has been successfully applying the best market practices in supporting local professional and amateur sports clubs, youth tournaments, and charity sports contests to raise funds for the treatment of rare and serious diseases. The Company built more than 10 local basketball grounds as a donation to local communities.