We have only one home

And it is having trouble surviving. To stop and turn things around, making our environment greener is the one of the most effective ways to reduce CO2. Creating new forests is what our environmental vision is, so our wonderful world can breathe again.

Global Afforestation Program

One of the largest tree planting campaign in the betting and gaming community, “Meridianbet Eco”, whose goal is to preserve a healthy environment and sustainable development in all markets we operate at, officially started in 2021.

Within our Global Afforestation Program, we plan to donate over 20,000 seedlings and improve air quality and public health in markets of Europe, Africa, and LATAM. The campaign is implemented in coordination with local environmental state agencies, and includes the donation of financial assets to local governments for the needs of planning the land and terrain.

Our global environmental action will contribute to increasing the share of green public areas having a positive impact on the quality of life and public health of urban areas. Without forests, neither the problem of floods nor air pollution in cities can be solved.

There is no better pledge for the future but to plant trees and initiate the birth of new “oxygen factories”. With this action, we will significantly restore the areas under the forest, but we will additionally strengthen environmental defence capacities in terms of reducing the consequences of torrential waters and floods.

Meridian Eco Donate

We are proud to be the first gaming tech company to have launched an industry specific crowdfunding platform that directly includes customers (players) as humanitarians and donors of our environmental actions. The platform includes an engagement phase, where our customers opt for different eco campaigns to support.
With Meridian Donate, the customers are transformed into CSR patrons and will fund the Company’s global afforestation program, during which 20,000 seedlings will be planted throughout the world.
Thus, Meridianbet has become the only gaming company that has directly involved its users in socially responsible action. Forests are the most important terrestrial ecosystem, with a key role in regulating the harmful effects of climate change and our players are part of the impact.